Director of Photography Lighting Cameraman

Sony F-55 Camera

Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm PL zoom. T2.8 (with Sony’s center crop, can become a 32-84mm lens)

TLS Morpheus 80-200mm PL zoom. T2.8

Samyang EF Cine Primes, 8mm T3.8, 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5 & 100mm macro

Vocas Matt box with Tiffen IR filter set and Tilta follow focus. Vocas shoulderpad and wooden pistol grip

17” TV Logic monitor with field case & stand

7” Marshall field monitor with Hollyland Cosmo 400 wireless link

Sachtler 18 tripod with baby legs

4 x 64GB SxS Pro + cards, USB card reader & Thunderbolt card reader

Macbook Pro, 13” retina display with flash memory

Various extras, to help a smooth, issue free shoot


Sony EX-3 Camera kit is also available, as is a basic Sound kit, inc 416, boom, boom buddy & stand, Tram mic and XLR’s


VW Transporter. 5 seater, 4motion, leather, air, new, top of the range.

In the shelved, secured rear, I have a bespoke lighting kit, built on years of experience which includes

Kinoflo Celeb

Dedo PanAura 5’ Octodome

4 head Dedo kit

Bi colour LED Felloni Tecpro

Wescott Ice Light

Arri 1k

2 x Arri 650w

green & blue chromokey

and a plethora of lastolites, stands, drapes, extensions, grip, etc