Director of Photography Lighting Cameraman

From BBC 4's documentary, 'Speeches That Shook The Earth', with Simon Armitage, for Century Films

Filmed an international educational piece for The British Council and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Shot on my Sony F-55. Actors discuss and perform Shakespeare.

Shot with my Sony F-55, on my Angenieux Optimo DP, with my lights, in a pretty unremarkable studio. A promo for Capgemini by Napoleon Creative
Roberty Lindsay plays legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff at the Hampstead Theatre. Here, I shoot a a trailer featuring cast members, etc. All on my Sony F55 plus my Sony EX-3 which still works well as a second camera
Shot on my Sony F-55, with Arri Ultra Primes. Broadcast commercial with jockey Ruby Walsh for Cheltenham Race Week.

I do some promo work for the theatre including the Old Vic

Shot on the Arri Alexa, with Angenieux DP Zooms. Dynamo promo for Discovery. With budget in mind, most of the trickery was in camera. Shown internationally.

Discovery promo, shot on the Arri Alexa

Shot on my Sony F-55 and Samyang primes. Screened on British terrestrial television

Ageing lighting camera showreel. To my embarrassment, becoming a little dated now. Already almost all pre large sensor digital cameras, with a bit of film.

Fisherman Jeremy Wade promo for Discovery

On air promo for Channel Fives new face of evening news. Shot with my Sony F-55 with my Samyang Primes

Jason Plato, racing driver, promotes KEF speakers.

Alice. Canon C300 with a Zeiss Prime at 50fps

A promo for the smash hit 'The Play That Goes Wrong'

A 'no budget' promo done for a friend. C300 with stills lenses
Screened on British terrestrial television.
Screened on British terrestrial television.